Meat Commodities offers full line of beef products to meet all our customer’s needs no matter how specialized they may be.

Types: ABF, All Natural, Organic, CAB, Angus, Black Angus, Wagyu
Grades: Prime, Choice, Select, No Roll, Utility, Canner/Cutter, Bull



Meat Commodities Inc offers a full line of fresh and frozen chicken and turkey products.

Types: bone-in, boneless, boneless skin-on, bone-in skin-on, fully cooked
Categories: WOGs, breasts, tenders, thighs, legs, wings, drums, trim, hearts, livers, paws/feet



Meat Commodities Inc supplies their customers with a wide range of fresh or frozen pork boneless and bone-in cuts, trim, offals, and bones.

Categories: Hams, Loins, Bellies, Boston Butts/Shoulders, Picnics, Hocks, Jowls, Feet, Ears, Bones

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