Since 1974, Meat Commodities has always strived to provide the best service, product and value to all our trade partners on a daily basis. We take great pride in our reputation and ensure every relationship is given the same amount of time and care no matter what.

Our trade volume currently exceeds 7 million pounds per week of beef, pork, and poultry, which allows us to stay connected and in tune with all markets on an extremely tight basis. This also allows us to share valuable market information with our trade partners, potentially to their advantage.

Our trading staff combines for over 200 years of experience in all facets of the industry, including harvesting and boning, further processing, and Quality Control and Assurance.

In addition to our diversified beef trading business, we are proud to be the exclusive salesforce for two beef packers who can service the entire East Coast market within 24 hours. Randolph Packing, is based out of Asheboro, NC and Nicholas Meats is based out of Loganton, PA. We can offer a wide array of fresh and frozen Canner/Cutter, Utility, and Bull products out of these plants.

MCT Transportation is a full service, fully insured freight brokerage company experienced in all aspects of transportation. It was established in 2003 primarily to assist the customers of Meat Commodities Inc. As its reputation grew, MCT evolved into a full line freight brokerage company hauling not only meat but also a wide array of other refrigerated products as well.

The team at MCT has over 40 years of experience and strives to exceed expectations by maintaining quality, dependability, and communication with all customers.

Food Safety is of the utmost importance at Meat Commodities, so much so that we are proud to call ourselves the first BRC Certified brokerage and trading company in North America. We operate under the highest threshold of food safety standards and continue to keep Quality Control and Assurance at the forefront of everything we do. Our team has extensive knowledge of GFSI Certifications as well as HACCP, GMP, SOP, and other Quality Control and Assurance procedures

Our fundamental belief when it comes to finance is straightforward; in order for us to be as strong a trade partner as possible for our customers we must pay our bills as fast or faster than anyone in the industry. Industry wide credit reporting services confirm this with a pay score that continually ranks among the highest in the industry. Being well capitalized while having a strong, longstanding relationship with PNC Bank allows us to achieve this goal daily.

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